Ethics Training

Ethics Training

In addition to the ethics training provided by the Ethics Office at new employee orientation, the Office offers a variety of classroom training programs to educate city officials and employees about the city's ethical standards, how to comply with the Code of Ethics, and how to avoid the appearance of impropriety.  In addition to the city-wide workshops, which are open to any employee or board member, the Ethics Office conducts workshops for individual offices, departments, or boards on request.

Using real-life case studies, the Ethics Office presents the relevant law, describes a scenario that raises an ethical question, leads a discussion in which participants discuss appropriate ways to resolve the question, and then explains how the issue was decided. The goal is to enable officials and employees to identify potential conflicts of interest, determine appropriate ways to avoid or resolve the conflict, and encourage them to seek advice in difficult situations.  

Examples of Available Ethics Training Workshops
The Atlanta Ethics Code:  Promoting the Public Trust - a one-hour presentation for new employees on gratuities, outside employment, and use of city property.  

Doing the Right Thing:  Compliance Isn’t Enough - a two-hour workshop for employees on gratuities and conflicts of interest.

Doing the Right Thing:  Both Reality and Appearance Matter - a two-hour workshop for volunteer city officials who serve on city boards and commissions, as city representatives on other public boards, and as neighborhood planning unit officers.  

There's No Free Lunch – a 30-minute lunch and lunch presentation that focuses on ethical values, gift rules, and disclosure requirements.

Note: The Ethics Office works with the sponsor to tailor the program especially for the particular office or department, using examples common to its work.


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