Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a conflict-of-interest law. Its purpose is to protect the integrity of government and promote the public trust by prohibiting conflicts of interest, requiring financial disclosure, and providing for a fair enforcement process. The ethics law encourages city officials and employees to act in the best interest of the City and avoid the appearance of impropriety.  

Entitled the Standards of Conduct, the Ethics Code is located in sections 2-801 to 2-825 of the Atlanta Code of Ordinances. It is a rules-based code, rather than a values-based code. Originally enacted three decades ago, its provisions are written in terms of prohibitions: “No official or employee shall,” “It shall be unlawful,” and “No contract or lease may require.”

The Code of Ethics covers the following areas: gratuities, solicitations, use of city property, participation in contracts, outside investments, private employment, doing business with the City, representing private interests, confidential information, financial disclosure, and post-employment. It does not address campaign finance, lobbying, or lobbyists.

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