The goal of ethics education is to encourage city officials and employees to do the right thing and live the values of an ethical culture:  Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Trust, and Transparency. 

Ethics Training

Ethics training is a key step in promoting ethical conduct and a critical component to a comprehensive ethics and compliance program. The Ethics Office educates and trains city officials and employees on the city’s ethical standards and the need to avoid the appearance of impropriety.  Ethics training is provided to all new employees as part of the New Employees Orientation and to employees in specific offices or departments on request.

Ethics Pledges

The City of Atlanta asks all newly hired employees to sign an Employee Ethics Pledge, and all departing employees to pledge that they will abide by the city's one-year cooling-off period.  Other employees and officials are asked to sign an ethics pledge after they receive ethics training.  The ethics pledge informs them about the city's ethics rules and solicits their commitment to place the city's best interests above their own financial and personal interests. 

Integrity at Work

Integrity at Work is a public education initiative to promote an ethical culture.  As part of the initiative, the Ethics Office discusses what an ethical culture means and how the City can achieve it.  The campaign includes:

  • Producing an e-Learning course for all employees
  • Providing short, humorous videos to raise awareness of conflicts of interest
  • Distributing awareness posters
  • New brochures for vendors, board members, and employees
  • Leading discussions at every ethics workshop on what an ethical culture means
  • Airing public service announcements about values

Ethics Publications

Ethics Matters.  The Ethics Office publishes an e-Newsletter, Ethics Matters, three times a year to all city employees and volunteer city officials.  Each issue discusses the latest advisory opinions and enforcement cases and features a regular column called "Ask the Ethics Officer," which addresses commonly asked questions about the ethics law.

Ethical Guidelines. For individuals who want to understand how the ethics law applies in specific situations, the Ethics Office has developed publications that discuss the ethics rules and provide examples about how they apply to employees, board members, neighborhood planning unit officers, and elected city officials. 


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