Module 1: The Building Inspector

Anthony left the City less than four months ago. He was a former building inspector and worked in the Planning Department for several years and was promoted over the years. Anthony is an outgoing, jovial and was very popular not only in his office, but throughout the City. He has also developed relationships with many of the contractors that regularly come to the City for building permits.

Module 1: Q&A

Question 1: Should Anthony have to wait to apply for building permits for HCC?

A. Yes, because this violates the city’s covenant not to compete rule
B. Yes, because this violates the city’s post employment rule
C. No, he shouldn’t have to wait

Answer: B. Anthony is violating the city’s post employment rule, Section 2-810 of the Ethics Code, by applying for the building permit for HCC.

Question 2
: How long should he have to wait, if so?

A. No wait
B. 3 months
C. 6 months
D. One year

Answer: D. Under the post employment rule, Anthony must wait one year before applying for this permit. Anthony worked closely with the contractor before he left and acquired specialized information working in the Office of Buildings.  He should not be appearing at his former department to file permits on behalf of HCC. 

Question 3:
Could the City hire Anthony as a consultant, instead of HCC hiring him?

A. No
B. Yes, but only after a year
C. Yes, with no waiting period

Answer: C. The Ethics Code would not prohibit the City from hiring Anthony, a former employee, as a consultant. 

Question 4:
Has Melanie done anything wrong by helping Anthony out?

A. No, this is public information that anyone can access
B. No, but she should consult with her supervisor first before doing so
C. Yes, because this is information that should not be provided to Anthony.

Answer: C. Release of information that is not available to the general public is a violation of Section 2-819 of the Ethics Code, which governs Disclosure of Confidential Information.  Melanie is providing confidential information from the city’s system to Anthony which will benefit him financially.  




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