2017 Required Filers 

The names and department of active and former employees and city elected officials who are required to file the 2017 City Financial Disclosure Statement are listed below.  Persons file every year that they are employed by the City and the year after they leave their city job. This list is organized alphabetically by the filer's last name.

*Note: the names on this list are subject to change

Last Name First Name Department
Abdulrahman Mohamud S Aviation
Abed Maher Maaz Watershed Management
Abon Adefuyi Watershed Management
Abousaud Ibrahim Shaaban Public Works
Abraham Olden C Watershed Management
Adair Gerald L Public Works
Adams Janett L. Procurement
Adams Matthew D Planning and Community Development
Adams Ray C Human Resources
Adams Regina Public Works
Adams Samuel Executive Offices
Adams Tommy Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Adderly Robert J Planning and Community Development
Addington Michael D Watershed Management
Addison Angela M Human Resources
Adrean Yolanda City Council
Afedzie Elijah K Executive Offices
Agan, Jr Danny J Watershed Management
Agbim Nduka Watershed Management
Agbo Gabriel U Watershed Management
Ahmad M R Watershed Management
Ahmad Rasheed Watershed Management
Ahmed Kathe Public Works
Aiken Ria C Executive Offices
Aiken Timothy A Human Resources
Aisiku Eragbai Samuel Watershed Management
Aiyejorun Sunday Watershed Management
Ajayi Oseni T Planning and Community Development
Ajiero Ego V Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Akaose Nwagu Ola Aviation
Akins Skyler Public Works
Akpo-Sanni Magloire Watershed Management
Alabi Wahab A Public Works
Alasvand Farangis Watershed Management
Alexander Cotena P Public Works
Alexander Dane T Finance
Alexander Gerald J Watershed Management
Alexander Sylvester Public Works
Alexander Tracy B Parks & Recreation
Alhadeff Heather L Planning and Community Development
Allen Cheryl D Municipal Court
Allen David B Aviation
Allen Garrett L Municipal Court
Allen, Jr Olden L  Fire
Allwood Samantha Elaine Watershed Management
Al-Mukhtar Marwan F Public Works
Alvarez-Moon Ruth WorkSource Atlanta
Amato, Jr Michael Ralph Watershed Management
Amis Louis Human Resources
Amos Aisha K Planning and Community Development
Amos Barry Garnett Watershed Management
Anderson Carl Aviation
Anderson Daniel M Jr Planning and Community Development
Anderson Don K Corrections
Anderson Jacquelyn B Watershed Management
Anderson Janette R Finance
Anderson Kajara Public Works
Anderson Maria del-Mar Aviation
Anderson Melvin Parks & Recreation
Anderson Michael J Fire
Anderson William Y Executive Offices
Andrew Philmore Aviation
Andrews Dexter P City Council
Andrews Jennifer L Law 
Andrews-Brassell Cheryl L Watershed Management
Angelle Claire Executive Offices
Apoian Andrew P. Police
Aponte Alberto Executive Offices
Archibong Natalyn M City Council
Arcila Suzanda Webb Public Defender
Argo Bobby E Watershed Management
Armes Patricia B Aviation
Armond Freddie Leon Police
Armstead Christopher Maurice Watershed Management
Armstead Tracy Michelle Municipal Court
Armstrong Karen Celeste Fire
Arnold Andre Jevon Fire
Arnold Vernita A Procurement
Asamoah Frances E Finance
Ash Jaru Tonkino Watershed Management
Ashekun Lateef L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Askew Cornelius A Watershed Management
Astin Shanda L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Autry Allen Bruce Watershed Management
Avalos Stephanie Executive Offices
Avery Dana R. Planning and Community Development
Axam-Wilkins Chermaine Aviation
Ayers Scott M Aviation
Ayo Michael O Public Works
Azih Gerald Public Works
Azuri Maria S Executive Offices
Babatunde Kuku B Watershed Management
Bacani Roy M Aviation
Bacon Kevin Lynn Jr Planning and Community Development
Badger Brian J Aviation
Badger Diane A Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Bailey Anthony S Watershed Management
Bailey Irish B Public Works
Bailey Maecher Maria Law 
Bain Jason L Police
Baker Joel G Fire
Balaga Venkateswara Watershed Management
Baldwin Reginald Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Baldwin Vernedia Davis Law 
Balla Mohamed Watershed Management
Ballard Jamie A Public Defender
Ballard, III Emerson David Solicitor
Balogun Lateef Abiola Watershed Management
Banks Dejari O Watershed Management
Banks Erica A Aviation
Banks Pamela R Human Resources
Banks Reginald Watershed Management
Banks Yolanda Municipal Court
Barham Carlos R Fire
Barker Andy W Watershed Management
Barker, Jr Robert K Watershed Management
Barley Ebony O Executive Offices
Barlow Lydia M Human Resources
Barnaby Kharlie O Public Works
Barnes Charles Lenard Watershed Management
Barnes Derrick G Watershed Management
Barnes Sheryl L Solicitor
Barnes Tony L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Barnes-Keenan Katerrell Denise Watershed Management
Barnett Andrea N Parks & Recreation
Barnett Jeffrey D Watershed Management
Barnett Jonathan A Aviation
Barnett Latasha Watershed Management
Barney Andrew A Watershed Management
Barnwell Walter Lamar Planning and Community Development
Barr Alrene R Aviation
Barrett Angela Jones Police
Barrett Octavius T Watershed Management
Barrett, Jr Nelson Watershed Management
Bartell Germond Wayne Aviation
Barth Darrin C Aviation
Bartleet Matthew T Executive Offices
Bates TaDarol C Human Resources
Battle Kaskaskius M Watershed Management
Battle-Williams Shauncey E Public Works
Baugh Errin Chelena (Errin) Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Baytop Keyshia Dezeree Fire
Beal Blanche Michelle Watershed Management
Beam James A Human Resources
Beard Jimmie A (Jim) Finance
Beasley Celena Police
Bechara Alberto A Watershed Management
Beckerman Pamela Joy Human Resources
Beckwith Joseph Edward Aviation
Belgrave Soraya E Public Works
Bell Bruce T Executive Offices
Bell Charles E Aviation
Bell Demetrius D Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Bell Dwayne K Public Works
Bell Erika L Fire
Bell Garrett Terrill Public Works
Bellamy Aljeana Human Resources
Benefiel Bryan Aviation
Benfield Ethel Stephanie Executive Offices
Benjamin Ezron E Fire
Benjamin Laker Watershed Management
Bennett Basil Aviation
Benson Marvin T Fire
Bentley Joel Andrew Watershed Management
Bentley Lenward Executive Offices
Benton Creigren M Watershed Management
Benton Dionne E Public Works
Benton Kiley S Watershed Management
Bernardo Valerie Fountaine Planning and Community Development
Berra David Scott Planning and Community Development
Berry Lana Planning and Community Development
Berryhill Thomas D Watershed Management
Bertetto Timothy J Watershed Management
Bertrand Emmanuel Ronald Executive Offices
Bethune Elizabeth Victoria Human Resources
Bettis Annette Procurement
Bevelle Thermice Jordan City Council
Bey Ardra Lynne Municipal Court
Bhandari Rajan Roger Law 
Bhatt Chaitanya V Watershed Management
Bhatt Harikrishna V Watershed Management
Bheodari Balram J Aviation
Bheodari Mahindira J Aviation
Bice Kenneth J Public Defender
Bigford Alicia V Watershed Management
Billings Julia Nadelhoffer Planning and Community Development
Billups Kevin Public Works
Birkett Rebecca L. WorkSource Atlanta
Birts Joseph Watershed Management
Bisi Balogun M Public Works
Black Latravious Rodregious Police
Black Napoleon Moses Watershed Management
Black Sabrina Julks Finance
Black Tanyika Rena Watershed Management
Black Terica Joy Executive Offices
Blackwell Michael S Fire
Blackwell Quintin Watershed Management
Blatt Michael S Aviation
Block Christopher J Fire
Blocker Mary Aviation
Bloodsaw Gabrielle Public Defender
Blount Montaria D Public Works
Blount Rodney B Watershed Management
Bocarro Robert Andrew Watershed Management
Boddie Derrick Public Works
Boff Kenneth R Planning and Community Development
Bohannon Ronald David Planning and Community Development
Bolotin Leonid Solicitor
Bolton Christopher B Watershed Management
Bond Horace M Corrections
Bond Julia L Parks & Recreation
Bond Michael J City Council
Bonner Amir Gaidi Fire
Booker-Mayes Teresa R Finance
Boone Andrea L Executive Offices
Booth Barry Andre Watershed Management
Boozer Brandon M Public Works
Bostick Joy L Fire
Bostick, II Arzell Fire
Boston Jessica Procurement
Bottoms Keisha R City Council
Boughey Timothy Michael Law 
Bourne Thomas F. Watershed Management
Bowles Santo T Planning and Community Development
Bowman Elston Mack (Mack) Aviation
Boyce Michael D Fire
Boyd Steven F Aviation
Boykin Hazel Debbie Municipal Court
Boykin Keith L. Executive Offices
Boykin Shelia A Watershed Management
Bradfield Jamille E Corrections
Bradford Adrienne C Human Resources
Bradford, Jr Howell L Watershed Management
Bradley Christopher L Finance
Bradley Sonya L Executive Offices
Bradley Terri-Nichelle L Parks & Recreation
Bradley, Jr Roy E Watershed Management
Braithwaite Duane A Law 
Brand Joey R Fire
Brantley Donny R Watershed Management
Brassell Garrett Sr Watershed Management
Braswell Rita L Public Works
Bratton Curtis Hoiser Jr. Executive Offices
Brayboy Kitina U Police
Brayboy Timothy K Watershed Management
Brazeal Joshua A Watershed Management
Breece  Emily H Law 
Brewer Brent D Watershed Management
Brewster Brittany C Executive Offices
Bridges Tamara Dennis Procurement
Brinson Kenneth C Public Works
Broadus Julie Police
Brookins Shaquitta D Aviation
Brooks Amy Monique Public Works
Brooks Keith O Procurement
Brooks Kelvin D Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Brooks Lathornia C Aviation
Brooks Raymond T Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Brooks Royce G Executive Offices
Brooks Tyrone L. Jr. Finance
Broome-Evans Lonita Sherone Police
Brown Alicia L Police
Brown Angela Johnson Procurement
Brown Barrington G Public Works
Brown Bre'Anna Nicole Solicitor
Brown Gregory L Aviation
Brown Jamar A Human Resources
Brown Johnny R Watershed Management
Brown Joy T Aviation
Brown Marcus G Watershed Management
Brown Marie M Executive Offices
Brown Nathan Alexander Planning and Community Development
Brown Shawn G City Council
Brown Vivica M Aviation
Brown Yvette I Finance
Brown, II Charles B Parks & Recreation
Brown, III Jeffrey Harris Police
Brown, III William A Watershed Management
Browning Michael Duane Planning and Community Development
Browning Mikita K Watershed Management
Brundidge Evita L Watershed Management
Brundidge Jerome M Sr Aviation
Bryan Octavia F Public Works
Bryant Deidre L Police
Bryant Hyacinth L Human Resources
Bryant Kanika LaShonda Procurement
Bryant Larry Planning and Community Development
Bryant Rodney N Police
Bryant Tiffani D Parks & Recreation
Bryant Wendell A.M. Human Resources
Bryson Terry T Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Buchanan Reginald Public Works
Buchanan William B Aviation
Buford Edward E Fire
Buggs James A Executive Offices
Bullard Kathy M Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Bulloch Tracy Donnell Fire
Bullock Teresa M Police
Bundrige Jolyon L Fire
Burden Tiffany Executive Offices
Burdeshaw Richard M Planning and Community Development
Burgess Calvin G Watershed Management
Burgess Phyllis Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Burks Eleanor D Watershed Management
Burks LaChandra Butler Parks & Recreation
Burnette Keisha Y Law 
Burns Bernard Watershed Management
Burns Gwendolyn Law 
Burns, Jr Earl Alford Watershed Management
Bursey Vincent Finance
Burson, Sr. Gregory V Watershed Management
Burton Alan B Fire
Burton Laura S Law 
Burton Lora C. Finance
Burwell Valencia R Finance
Busby, III John A Public Works
Butler Andrada S Watershed Management
Butler JaDawnya Cintelle Municipal Court
Butler Joann Executive Offices
Butler Michael L Police
Butler Paul Edwin Watershed Management
Butts Markus J Watershed Management
Byrd Candace L Executive Offices
Byrom Eldridge F Watershed Management
Cade Ahmad K Watershed Management
Cadet Antonio A. Aviation
Cain Carolyn M Public Works
Calcaterra Michael P Planning and Community Development
Calvert Daniel Parks & Recreation
Cambardella Mario C Executive Offices
Camp Robin M Planning and Community Development
Campanelli Miller Maryann L Watershed Management
Campanile Brandon Louis Watershed Management
Campbell Arnold V. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Campbell Gavin D Watershed Management
Campbell Nadia C Planning and Community Development
Campbell Quentin Fire
Campbell Roger Anthony Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Canaan Leslie E Planning and Community Development
Cannady-Lowe Patricia B Procurement
Canton Julie I Finance
Cantrell Terence L Police
Cardona Contreras Luisa F Executive Offices
Carey Hala L. Solicitor
Carlisle-Joseph Marlena Finance
Carlton Blake Watershed Management
Carpenter Joseph M Watershed Management
Carpenter Sule Obafemi Planning and Community Development
Carr Cynthia E Aviation
Carr K Lamonte Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Carr Youlanda Finance
Carson Nathan A Planning and Community Development
Carswell Michael Executive Offices
Carter Anthony T Planning and Community Development
Carter Charlotte Public Defender
Carter Cortez A Aviation
Carter James Arthur Watershed Management
Carter Karen Finance
Carter Marguerite Anita Human Resources
Carter Pamela Alethia Human Resources
Carter Raines F Solicitor
Cartwright Winfred A Parks & Recreation
Case Richard D Executive Offices
Casey Joann S Procurement
Cash Tony R Watershed Management
Caston Deborah D Aviation
Cater Darrell J Corrections
Chalmers Tony Planning and Community Development
Chalmers Durham Amy Nicole Solicitor
Chambers Dexter City Council
Chambers Felicia M Finance
Chambers Lowell E Watershed Management
Chambers Tracie L Public Works
Champion-Rush Carol E Watershed Management
Chandler Michael S Watershed Management
Chapman Nicole M Finance
Charles Abdias Police
Chase-George Rashaan E Executive Offices
Chasten Carl P Planning and Community Development
Chatman Sharyl D Fire
Chaudhry Nar Watershed Management
Chavez Francisco Jose Public Works
Chavira Nohemi Municipal Court
Cheeseman Barbara Procurement
Chen Jian Watershed Management
Cheyne Michael J Aviation
Childs Cynthia S Municipal Court
Chioke Uchenwa Perpetua Watershed Management
Choi Marcus H. Executive Offices
Choksi Hetal P Watershed Management
Christian Blondette L Watershed Management
Christian Stephen D Planning and Community Development
Christianson Dustin Clay Watershed Management
Christopher Amobi Bilal Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Christopher Joseph K Watershed Management
Chuites Meghan Hemingway Planning and Community Development
Clair Stephen S Police
Clark Nicholas Parks & Recreation
Clark Terry Keith Watershed Management
Clarke Joan Law 
Clarke Kent D Watershed Management
Clarke Martin H Law 
Clarke Vernie Shirlaine Executive Offices
Clausell Samuel Kamal Parks & Recreation
Claxton Gary A Watershed Management
Clay Christina Jamette Watershed Management
Clayton Karyl C Parks & Recreation
Clayton Keith Public Works
Clayton Lauren M Solicitor
Clemons, Jr Irvin C Public Works
Click Norma Aviation
Cloud Andre D Executive Offices
Cobert Karen J. Planning and Community Development
Cochran Tai Gabriel Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Colaiacomo Erika Jean Watershed Management
Colbert Christopher Maurice Planning and Community Development
Colbert Timothy Public Works
Cole Claude Allan Law 
Cole Donald C Fire
Cole Dwayne Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Cole Wychelle Watershed Management
Coleman Jacqwendlyn M Watershed Management
Coleman, III Carter E Planning and Community Development
Coley Jacqueline Planning and Community Development
Collier Dennis B Public Defender
Collier Tony L Police
Collins Carlos E Public Works
Collins Christopher M Fire
Collins Rhonda J S Law 
Collins Tameka Richardson Human Resources
Colonel John R Parks & Recreation
Colvin Brandon O Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Comer Alex H Watershed Management
Compton Gregg B Watershed Management
Conde Guelmarie Planning and Community Development
Condoll Enid Watershed Management
Connolly Rose E Watershed Management
Conway George Washington Planning and Community Development
Cook Chester R Aviation
Cook Joe L Aviation
Cook, Sr Kenneth M Watershed Management
Coppage Dornell Eugene Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Corales Mariangela Law 
Corbin Thomas Allen Watershed Management
Corey Harold S Finance
Cornelius Brenda E Executive Offices
Cornelius Eddie Lewis Public Works
Cornell Amy L Executive Offices
Cornell Robyn Yvette Aviation
Cortes Jorge Aviation
Cotton LaShundra Bonner Procurement
Coumes David L. Watershed Management
Council Danny R Watershed Management
Council Fredrick Public Works
Council Roosevelt Aviation
Cowart Glenn Michael Executive Offices
Cox Jorian A Watershed Management
Coyt Todd O Police
Crawford Andrew L Aviation
Crawford Brandy Nicole Planning and Community Development
Crawford Joseph M Watershed Management
Crawford William P Watershed Management
Crawley Derrick Aviation
Crawley Joi Latrice Watershed Management
Crayton Reginald Watershed Management
Crenshaw James E. Procurement
Crenshaw Rhonda S Watershed Management
Crews Kathy G Watershed Management
Crist Anna O City Council
Crochran Cedric L Police
Croft Denise V Planning and Community Development
Croft Spencer Lepoiter Public Works
Crosby Kenneth I Watershed Management
Cross Stephanie J Solicitor
Crowell Michael Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Crowell Vondra Lanece Watershed Management
Culbert William F Watershed Management
Culbreath Arthur B Parks & Recreation
Culbreth Tamu Micaela Police
Culpepper Jamie Charles Human Resources
Cummings Detric L Fire
Cummings Ronald L Finance
Cummins William D Watershed Management
Cunningham Lillie Executive Offices
Cureton Boyce Lee Watershed Management
Curry Glennis Watershed Management
Curry Linda D Police
Cutrer Jeffrey W Fire
Cyrus Stacy Lawrence Watershed Management
Dabney Derrick B Fire
Dancy Elder B Police
Daniel Dwayne Public Works
Daniel Felicia Neal Finance
Daniel Jerry L Public Works
Daniels Frederick O Public Defender
Daniels Kimberly M Watershed Management
Daniels Marlow D Public Works
Daniely Charlotte N Finance
Darby Mary Virginia Planning and Community Development
Darden James E Watershed Management
Dark Terrell Public Defender
Daughtry, II Jacob S Solicitor
Davani Ali Watershed Management
Davenport Ava D Solicitor
Davenport Corliss R Parks & Recreation
Davenport Rachel S Police
Davidson Paul E Watershed Management
Davidson, Jr Wetzel L Watershed Management
Davila Pedro Luis Public Works
Davis Aaron L Aviation
Davis Aki R Finance
Davis Chris A Aviation
Davis Eric S Finance
Davis Fernanda Watershed Management
Davis Jameekia S. Solicitor
Davis James Arthur Jr. Executive Offices
Davis Jerold L Watershed Management
Davis Lemeki Executive Offices
Davis Markeitha Renee Municipal Court
Davis Melissa M. Public Works
Davis Michael S Watershed Management
Davis Randy Public Works
Davis Sadie L Procurement
Davis Tiffany M Aviation
Davis Timeesha W Aviation
Davis Timothy Corrections
Davis Tommy Aviation
Dawkins Derek L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Dawson Kenneth Leon Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Dawson Sherry H Non-departmental
Day Paige Marie Watershed Management
Days Paula E Watershed Management
Days, III Kenneth D Public Defender
Dayton Michael Ryan Watershed Management
Deadwyler Justin N Aviation
Dede Harold A Jr Aviation
De'Lay Bruce E Solicitor
DeLeon Karen Joy Watershed Management
DeLuca Patrick Jonathan Watershed Management
Demian Ashraf Aviation
Denius Kristen B Law 
Dennington James E Aviation
Dennis Luther J Jr Solicitor
Denson Dennis Public Works
Denson Garnet Public Works
Derico, III Julius Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Deus Jose Manuel Alejandro Planning and Community Development
Dickens Andre D City Council
Dickerson Sherri T Human Resources
Dickerson, III Ralph Finance
Dickey-Thomas Tarnecia M Public Works
Dickson Joseph Terry Watershed Management
Dillingham Keesha R Planning and Community Development
DiMassimo Faye Q. Executive Offices
Dimond Timothy Francis Watershed Management
Ding Yingshuang Watershed Management
Dingle Katherine Watershed Management
Dinning Robert S Planning and Community Development
Dione Lorena S Executive Offices
Dirga Katherine Marbury Aviation
Dismuke Shona D Finance
Distephano Anthony Watershed Management
Dixon Audrey Procurement
Dixon DaMarcus R Solicitor
Dixon David Watershed Management
Dixon Donald R Executive Offices
Dixon Ingrid Lynelle Fire
Dixon Keisha L Watershed Management
Dixon Kyra D Municipal Court
Dixon LeConte Watershed Management
Dixon, III Pat Dean Procurement
Dixon-Washington Lutosha M Watershed Management
Dobbs Jewell Executive Offices
Dobson Anthony R Fire
Dodson Alvin L Parks & Recreation
Dodson Ed R Sr Public Works
Dodson Gayla M Public Works
Dokie Roland N Police
Domineck Marvin Jr. Public Works
Domino Thomas A Watershed Management
Donithan Regina B Aviation
Dorgan Marvin K Fire
Dorsey Desmond Washington Law 
Dorsey Mona L Police
Dosier Yolanda Cherisse Human Resources
Dossie Edrick B Watershed Management
Douglas Allen I Watershed Management
Douglas Sharon D Aviation
Douty William Clarke Watershed Management
Dowd Edward L Police
Dowell Jeffery Lamar Watershed Management
Dozier Navarone J Finance
Drobny Darryl Joseph Aviation
Drumgoole Isaaq Watershed Management
Dudley Montez Lenard Watershed Management
Dugger Harris Tramayne Watershed Management
Dugger Patrick A Watershed Management
Dukes Terry Levern Aviation
Duncan Carolyn E Watershed Management
Duncan Michael W Watershed Management
Duncan Richard L Aviation
Dunn Nicolette Planning and Community Development
Dunn Sean Executive Offices
DuPre Leigh Moore Municipal Court
Durant Jonathan B Police
Durden William T (Bill) Watershed Management
Durham-Camp Sherra Lynn Public Works
Dziuban Shaun Police
Earl Keva Yvonne Police
Earley Arthur J Watershed Management
East Derek M Procurement
Eberhardson Eva Magdalena Municipal Court
Eckel William Jr Public Works
Ector, II Theodore B Fire
Edwards David B Watershed Management
Edwards Larry Donnell Watershed Management
Edwards Sandra L Police
Eickelman Kristin Lee Watershed Management
El Hattab Rana O Executive Offices
Elam Tracey L Corrections
Elder Lawrence E Public Defender
Elling Eleni S Aviation
Ellis Cheryl L. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Ellis Helen W Watershed Management
Ellis Wykethia Toshunda Procurement
Ellison Antion R Watershed Management
Engida Mikias Public Works
English Jack C Jr. Corrections
English Tyonne D Police
Ennin Mohammed Finance
Ephraim Daniel E Public Works
Epperson, II Kenneth N Aviation
Epps Angela D Planning and Community Development
Ernest Jason Younger Planning and Community Development
Ervin Matthew Cushing City Auditor's Office
Espy Elizabeth N Police
Evans Andre B Watershed Management
Evans Chasity B Parks & Recreation
Evans Christopher Randy Watershed Management
Evans Elias A Public Works
Evans Gregory E Aviation
Evans Jesse L Planning and Community Development
Evans Rodney E Human Resources
Everett Michael Anthony Police
Ewing Charles E Sr Aviation
Fahie Shameka A. Finance
Fambro Edward Corrections
Fambrough Dale Louis Public Works
Faoye Richard B Planning and Community Development
Farnum Nidia E Aviation
Farr, Jr Calvin Darnell Watershed Management
Farrar, III Theodus Public Works
Faughnan Michael S Police
Fears Angela M Executive Offices
Feliciano Latoya Lakedrius Human Resources
Felton Marco K Watershed Management
Fennell Stella Aviation
Fenwick Daedrea D Law 
Ferguson Darryl J Solicitor
Ferguson Joquita Police
Ferguson Valerie L Public Works
Ferrebee Lamont Watershed Management
Ferrell Jaimeka R Aviation
Fetterman Christopher Jay Public Works
Fields Jared C Public Works
Filbey Leslie L Watershed Management
Finley Kimberly Human Resources
Finley Martisse M Aviation
Fitzpatrick Amanda Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Fleetwood Anthony G Public Works
Fleming  Brian E. Non-departmental
Fleming Christina Lynn Aviation
Fleming Jeffrey Watershed Management
Fleming Lynn Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Fletcher Quinton T Watershed Management
Flinn Michael D Watershed Management
Flowers Christine Corrections
Flowers Marcella R Watershed Management
Floyd Anissa Deanne Law 
Floyd Janae D Planning and Community Development
Floyd Kevin Scott Procurement
Floyd Valerie M Procurement
Fluker Stanley Public Works
Followill Peter Public Defender
Fongang Samuel Watershed Management
Ford Bria Diona Municipal Court
Ford Rita R Procurement
Forier Kevin F Public Defender
Forte Monique Beauford Planning and Community Development
Fortson Joe N Watershed Management
Foster Darrell Public Works
Foster Luther C Jr Public Works
Foster Tryphenia Fire
Foster Turkessa T Watershed Management
Foxworth Austin G Fire
Francis Kelli A Watershed Management
Francois Lyonel Watershed Management
Franklin Monique N. Finance
Franklin Terrance Watershed Management
Frazier Craig Planning and Community Development
Frazier Willie S Parks & Recreation
Freeman Diana Law 
Freeman Lorenzo D Watershed Management
Freeman Shawanda D Procurement
French Jason A Watershed Management
Fridie Michael R Fire
Frierson Michael Public Works
Fuller Breanna Marie Watershed Management
Fuller Whitney Tyana Planning and Community Development
Fulton Arvetta M Planning and Community Development
Futrell Janae M. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Gabriel Shawn A. Finance
Gaddis Koren Carol Ann Aviation
Gaffney John Finance
Gaines Benjamin Keith Watershed Management
Gaines Crystal A Municipal Court
Gaither Jewanna D Executive Offices
Gant Mario D Planning and Community Development
Gao Zechun Aviation
Garcia Frederic Watershed Management
Garcia Kristina T Watershed Management
Garcia-Bunuel Kristina WorkSource Atlanta
Gardner Bettina Executive Offices
Gardner Tyrone A Aviation
Garland Jenna Executive Offices
Garnett James C Aviation
Garrett Cameo Y Watershed Management
Garrett Shanta M Public Works
Garrett Susan M. Law 
Garvey Bradford City Auditor's Office
Gates Tryphenia Public Works
Gatlin Terrence Frank Watershed Management
Gatling Craig D Planning and Community Development
Gay Tashonda M Human Resources
Gay Tracie Human Resources
Gay, III Michael A Watershed Management
Geeter Girard Procurement
Geiger Michael R Watershed Management
George Elizabeth Watershed Management
Geraldo Cesar A Planning and Community Development
German Stanton M Parks & Recreation
Germany, Jr Franklin D Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Gertman Kimberly Corrections
Gibbs Elvis G Procurement
Gibbs Hilliard L Fire
Gibbs Rawle A Public Works
Gibbs Stacie E Police
Gibbs Terrell Stephen Watershed Management
Gibson Deborah Michelle Aviation
Gibson Nathan E Watershed Management
Gilbert Catrina T Aviation
Gilbert Derrick Scott Finance
Gilbert Marquida D Aviation
Gilbert Tracy L Aviation
Gill Ricardo V Fire
Gillenwater Ricky G Watershed Management
Gilley, Jr Anthony Solicitor
Giordano Emily Corbitt Planning and Community Development
Gittens Allison Y Watershed Management
Gittens Jimmy D Jr. Fire
Givens Markques Jermaine Watershed Management
Givens Ricky Noel Watershed Management
Gladden Ulysses Fire
Gladman  Martin A Fire
Glanton Sage R Watershed Management
Glanton Vincent D Aviation
Glanville Lisa Butts Public Works
Glasby Mark A Watershed Management
Glass Fletcher A Watershed Management
Glaze Tammy Police
Glazier Jeffrey L Police
Glenn Rusty H Fire
Glenn Sandra Lee Watershed Management
Glenn-Snooks Cheryl Executive Offices
Glover Murphy L Public Works
Glover Tiajuana D. WorkSource Atlanta
Gobeil Andrew C Aviation
Gober Denitra Nadea Municipal Court
Goggins Kenneth W Aviation
Gogineni Vijay Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Golden, Jr Robert R Watershed Management
Goldenburg JoAnn Police
Goldman Matthew David Watershed Management
Gomez, III Manuel D City Council
Goncher Marc P Law 
Gonzalez Rosa Milagros Police
Gooch Milliance Lyndell (Lynn Millicent Gooch) Solicitor
Goode Nicole R Procurement
Gooden Elaine Human Resources
Goodman Linda E Planning and Community Development
Goodmark Johnna Law 
Goodson Samia J Aviation
Gordon Daniel L Executive Offices
Gordon Monique S Procurement
Gordon-Roberts Erica LaChelle Human Resources
Gourley William S Police
Govan Antoinette M Public Works
Govus Lillian Marie Watershed Management
Graham Ben Lamar Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Graham Faloney M Police
Graham Ronda K Solicitor
Graham Sterling Bernard Watershed Management
Granderson Eddie Executive Offices
Grant Carlton D Watershed Management
Grant Gerrard L Law 
Grant Jacqueline M Aviation
Grant Leonard Aviation
Grant Stefanie D Law 
Graves Calvin S Sr. Municipal Court
Graves Kenny M Aviation
Gray Gregory A Fire
Gray James Morgan Jr Aviation
Gray Tamika N Watershed Management
Greathouse Winston Solicitor
Green Earl Gabriel Public Works
Green Jenna Lynn City Auditor's Office
Green Kenton Leon Fire
Green Larreic R Public Works
Green Shely Q Fire
Green, Jr Wilbur C Watershed Management
Green, Sr Marlon D Watershed Management
Greene Erin J Aviation
Greenhowe Nathaniel S Watershed Management
Greenlee Kanika Njeri Public Works
Gregory Dawn Aviation
Grice Lashawn D Procurement
Grier James Public Works
Griffin Clarence Solicitor
Griffin Delmarie A. Procurement
Griffin Jamella N Finance
Griffin Sandra A Watershed Management
Griffin Terrell Police
Griffith Carlson Municipal Court
Griggs JaMarshall M Public Works
Grimaldi Christopher S Fire
Guerrucci Paul R Police
Gundy Terrinee Lynette Municipal Court
Guy Linda J Executive Offices
Guyton Myreon E Aviation
Gyan Kojo Planning and Community Development
Habtemariam Melaku Aviation
Hadley Randolph R Jr Aviation
Haeberlin Scott A Planning and Community Development
Hagan Isaac Raphael Watershed Management
Hagin Lane A Police
Hagley Myra DeJarme Watershed Management
Hailey Keilah Paige Fire
Hall Annique S Planning and Community Development
Hall Darryl W. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Hall Eric N Aviation
Hall Keith L Fire
Hall Kwanza City Council
Hall Marshall Watershed Management
Hall Mike L Watershed Management
Hall, Jr Vince J Watershed Management
Hallworth Michael Earl Watershed Management
Halstead Julie Watershed Management
Hambrick Tracy Lynn Public Works
Hamlett Arkeshia D Procurement
Hamm Barry A Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Hampton Cathy D Law 
Hand William R. Planning and Community Development
Hand, Jr Sidney T Public Works
Hannah Lee E Finance
Hannah Sylvana F Solicitor
Hansberry-White Karen Antoinette Executive Offices
Harden Arkiethon Watershed Management
Harden Catriena Michelle Finance
Hardnett Tawana T Procurement
Hardwick Laverne Fire
Hardy Benita Clemons Public Works
Harmon Kandice K Human Resources
Harmon Mylinda G Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Harper Gary Police
Harper Janna Joelle Human Resources
Harper Ollie Executive Offices
Harper, III George Emanuel Watershed Management
Harrell Danny R. Police
Harris Alice M Watershed Management
Harris Christopher A Planning and Community Development
Harris Deborah D Public Works
Harris Derek J Fire
Harris LaSharn WorkSource Atlanta
Harris Linda G Human Resources
Harris Mark K Watershed Management
Harris Ronnie G Watershed Management
Harris Sabrina B Procurement
Harris, Jr Vernon J Human Resources
Harrison Tracy R Aviation
Harrod Mark L Watershed Management
Hart Amber Sade City Auditor's Office
Hart Harold L Aviation
Harvey Edmund C Aviation
Harvey Juan D Fire
Hassan Mohammed M Watershed Management
Hatcher Douglas M Jr. Fire
Hatchett Chianti Shardai Solicitor
Hauer Knut Watershed Management
Hawkins Eric Tyrone Watershed Management
Hawkins Wendell R Aviation
Hawkins Yvette Executive Offices
Haye Johmar Kareem Watershed Management
Hayek Mohamed Public Works
Hayes Kantrell L Public Works
Haygood Wesley Derek Watershed Management
Haymore Jeffrey S Law 
Haynes Darious Rashaud Planning and Community Development
Haynes Gregory N Police
Haynes Harriett L Planning and Community Development
Hazard Anamaria Law 
Hazelton Lamar Aviation
Head David M Fire
Heard Annie J Planning and Community Development
Heard Chantry Sequita Solicitor
Heard David L Watershed Management
Heard Richard A Fire
Heath Marshall D Watershed Management
Height Bakari Jonquil Planning and Community Development
Helton Charlie M Public Works
Helweick David Public Defender
Hemenway Nicholas S Executive Offices
Hemsley Howard Gordon Fire
Henderson Adolphus Fire
Henderson David Allen Watershed Management
Henderson Joann L Public Works
Henderson Yolanda Aviation
Hendricks Herbert B Public Works
Hennessey Brian J Aviation
Henninger Timothy Police
Henry Calvin L Watershed Management
Henry Dorothy Watershed Management
Henry Thompson Tuesday M Watershed Management
Herman Johnnie M Municipal Court
Hernandez Rodolfo L Public Defender
Herring Karley L Watershed Management
Herron Djuana Procurement
Hess Susan Nonay Watershed Management
Heyward Geneva Fire
Hicks Christopher E Executive Offices
Hicks Keith Jerome Parks & Recreation
Hicks Terese S Fire
Hicks Toray Deautee Parks & Recreation
Hickson Nina Romelle Non-departmental
Higgins Norma D Executive Offices
Hightower Sabrina D Public Works
Hill Edward K Fire
Hill Marsha H Fire
Hill Michael Allan Watershed Management
Hill Penny L Watershed Management
Hill Stephen P Fire
Hill Todd Shelton Watershed Management
Hillsman Keith Lamont Public Works
Hilson Meredith Parks & Recreation
Hinkle Shatoya L Watershed Management
Hinton Angela M Law 
Hipp David R Aviation
Hixon Ronald W Jr Public Works
Hobbs Van H Jr. Police
Hobson Stacy E. Procurement
Hodge Shawn E. Executive Offices
Hoffler Veronica L Law 
Holder Gregory H Public Works
Holliday Dietrick A Planning and Community Development
Hollins John Wesley Public Defender
Holloway Phyllis D Solicitor
Holmes Corey Roberto Lanair Police
Holmes Keyetta M. Planning and Community Development
Holmes Michael A Corrections
Holmes Pamela Finance
Holness Ali Human Resources
Holoman-Stevens Sandra D Law 
Holt Carl Quinton Watershed Management
Hombaiah Praveen Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Hood Alvin Levert Aviation
Hooks Natosha S Police
Hooper Joshua Heath Watershed Management
Hopkins, II William R J Police
Hopson Tawanna Public Defender
Hora Harpreet Finance
Horton Rhotonda Procurement
Horton Robert Lewis Watershed Management
Horton Trina R Parks & Recreation
Horton Veronika Shantarian Watershed Management
Horton William S Watershed Management
Hosey Natalie Chestnut Aviation
Houston Alan A Watershed Management
Houston Regonald Lellan Aviation
Howard Sean O Watershed Management
Howard Tomul T Watershed Management
Howard Willard L Aviation
Howard Tapika M Procurement
Howard, Jr Tomul T Watershed Management
Hubbard Benjamin T Aviation
Hudson Augustus Aviation
Huff Tamaya L Public Works
Huff Venus L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Hughes Andrew William Solicitor
Hughes Brandon Paul Police
Hughey John Lee Abraham Watershed Management
Huguley Corey V. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Hull James H Aviation
Hull Victor T Watershed Management
Hunt Courtney A Watershed Management
Hunter Angela Executive Offices
Hunter Cardellia Executive Offices
Hunter Sabrena M Watershed Management
Hutchins Brigette Y Police
Hutchins Shad P Parks & Recreation
Hutchinson Charles E Parks & Recreation
Iantcheva-Spirieva Bistra Planning and Community Development
Ibarra Vanessa C Executive Offices
Ihle Gregory Planning and Community Development
Ilenre Gabriel Public Works
Ingram Denitra M Watershed Management
Inthisane Phoxay Watershed Management
Ismail Moe Watershed Management
Israel Chrisha Smith Aviation
Iyekekpolor Daniel O Watershed Management
Jacks Charletta W Planning and Community Development
Jacks Ricardo W Procurement
Jackson Anthony E Parks & Recreation
Jackson Darlene Y Police
Jackson Francine Procurement
Jackson Gary E Municipal Court
Jackson Harold F Planning and Community Development
Jackson Jason O Watershed Management
Jackson Joy R Watershed Management
Jackson Keith A Aviation
Jackson Kia B. Executive Offices
Jackson LaQuinsia N Watershed Management
Jackson Maurice A Executive Offices
Jackson Melvin Vernard Watershed Management
Jackson Preston L Watershed Management
Jackson Racquel T Planning and Community Development
Jackson Stephanie S Watershed Management
Jackson Theda C Aviation
Jackson Valerie Fire
Jackson, Jr. Andre Demond Watershed Management
Jacob Darrion Tyron Watershed Management
Jafojo Adewale Olumuyiwa Public Works
James Daniel J Watershed Management
James Faro Gary Watershed Management
James Primis T Solicitor
James Reginald T Public Works
James Roderick C Public Works
James, III Richard L Aviation
Jamison, Jr Theodore Watershed Management
Jana James E Watershed Management
Jayroe Rhonda H Aviation
Jefferson Philippe E Procurement
Jeffries Renita Dionne Finance
Jenkins Erin Procurement
Jenkins Melvin Jr Fire
Jenkins DeShondrick M. Procurement
Jeter Lawrence Public Works
Jih Yeou-Rong Executive Offices
Jimenez Yeun Soo Law 
Johns Amanda Kate Public Defender
Johns Jasen W Parks & Recreation
Johns Melvin C Watershed Management
Johns, Jr John Wiley Watershed Management
Johnson Abiodun Olumuyiwa Watershed Management
Johnson Angela Aviation
Johnson Brandy Public Defender
Johnson Camille J Executive Offices
Johnson Charles F Jr. Corrections
Johnson Chris C Jr Public Works
Johnson Chukwufumnanya D Finance
Johnson Clifton L Police
Johnson Clinton Love Procurement
Johnson Demetris M Watershed Management
Johnson Dietrich L Public Works
Johnson Dwayne Sr. Fire
Johnson Gabriel J Watershed Management
Johnson Gloria A Planning and Community Development
Johnson Howard L Planning and Community Development
Johnson Ivory D Public Works
Johnson Jennifer Y Solicitor
Johnson Karla Executive Offices
Johnson Kim Watershed Management
Johnson Lesia A Watershed Management
Johnson Lesley Jewel Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Johnson Mack Jr. Fire
Johnson Mashawn Juicy Watershed Management
Johnson Natasha N Corrections
Johnson Nolton G Watershed Management
Johnson Pierre B Public Works
Johnson Rhonda Dauphin City Council
Johnson Roy G Corrections
Johnson Sean T Fire
Johnson Shawna Patrisse Watershed Management
Johnson Sherry M Finance
Johnson Stephone B Solicitor
Johnson Steven W Planning and Community Development
Johnson Travis K Parks & Recreation
Johnson William M Executive Offices
Johnson Zacy L Watershed Management
Johnston Kayla C Public Defender
Joiner Rodney J Watershed Management
Jolevare Irwin John Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Jonas Jorge Finance
Jones Addis Elizabeth Municipal Court
Jones Anthony Ledell Watershed Management
Jones Brian C Watershed Management
Jones Bruce R Aviation
Jones Chad C Fire
Jones Chaundra L Public Works
Jones Christy L Corrections
Jones Clark Watershed Management
Jones Danielle M Human Resources
Jones David Police
Jones Diane Corrections
Jones Elizabeth O City Council
Jones Eric C Police
Jones Kurlis Rogers Watershed Management
Jones Lucinda R Watershed Management
Jones Micheal Deion City Auditor's Office
Jones Pamela Watershed Management
Jones Princess N Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Jones Rodney Jenard Watershed Management
Jones Sharon D Aviation
Jones Sharon R Human Resources
Jones Shawn L Police
Jones Susan J Planning and Community Development
Jones Thetis A Watershed Management
Jones Tiffany M Finance
Jones Tonya D Finance
Jones Verna C Aviation
Jones Vivian Mamie Watershed Management
Jones,  IV Joe Solicitor
Jones-Sims Sharon R Fire
Jordan Donald Public Works
Jordan Karen M Watershed Management
Jordan Mary N Human Resources
Jordan Melissa Public Works
Jordan Michael Watershed Management
Jordan Wylie Watershed Management
Joseph Benita Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Joseph Kenyatta B Fire
Josey Alton O. Solicitor
Journey Adrienne Public Defender
Joy Rosalie M Public Defender
Jucks William M Fire
Judd Deven Markell Aviation
Julien Demetrius Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Jumpp Donald L Watershed Management
Kabota Justin K Watershed Management
Kallio Christopher J Parks & Recreation
Kassa Sable Finance
Katz Becky Planning and Community Development
Kauffmann Michael Serge Watershed Management
Kave Eric A Fire
Kay Sheldon Uriah Fire
Kazemian Andrew H Aviation
Keane Timothy Joseph Planning and Community Development
Kedir Nursef Public Works
Keene Janet R Non-departmental
Keener Julie R Municipal Court
Keeslar Donald R Watershed Management
Keili Famah Public Defender
Keith Gene T Jr Fire
Keith Kevin Damon Watershed Management
Kelley Seion O Watershed Management
Kelly Candyse N Finance
Kelly Deborah M Procurement
Kelly Melita L Finance
Kempson Santana F City Council
Kendall Azira H Watershed Management
Kennedy Byron K Fire
Kent Carlos A Police
Kerr Kimberley Michelle Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Khan Mehboob A Watershed Management
Khan Syed Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Khanduri Amit WorkSource Atlanta
Kiah Hamilton G Jr Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Kibria Mohammed Planning and Community Development
Kidwell Kellyn Shavawn Solicitor
Kilpatrick, III Clinton Lee Watershed Management
Kimbrough Wayne Martin Watershed Management
Kimpson Lester A Public Works
Kincaid Misty Public Defender
King Larry Public Works
King Loren M Public Works
Kirk Edward Leon Jr Fire
Kirkland William Jerome Police
Kirschbaum Eugene T Finance
Knight Alison Andree Finance
Knight Angelique S. Finance
Knight Anthony B Jr Executive Offices
Knight Cleveland Andrew Aviation
Knight Natalie D Finance
Knowles Brian R Aviation
Knowles Stanley M Planning and Community Development
Kokorian Vahe G Watershed Management
Kolb Heather Hippensteel Aviation
Komeau John R. Police
Kosoko Olufunke Public Defender
Kozlosky Michael Watershed Management
Krawietz Michael Thomas Watershed Management
Kreher Michael S Police
Kroening John Joseph Planning and Community Development
Kwaw Paul H Finance
Labat Maya Nicole Watershed Management
Labat Patrick L Corrections
Ladefian Leo Arthur Planning and Community Development
Laffitte Kanisha R Solicitor
Lamar Calvin L Public Works
Lamb Nyreen V Aviation
Lambo Taiye Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Lampton Grace Iyee Watershed Management
Lance Jonathan B Aviation
Land Maisha Watershed Management
Lanier Michael Public Defender
Larson Steven Glenn Planning and Community Development
Latham Paul F Watershed Management
Latimer Alice Public Works
Latimore Eric Public Works
Lavandier Jessica L Planning and Community Development
Lavelle John C Executive Offices
LaVigne Thomas J Planning and Community Development
Lawrence Terrie G Corrections
Lawson Tanisha Annette Watershed Management
Lawson-McMillan Vontressia S Watershed Management
Layne Anderson G Aviation
Layton Raymond D Police
Le Cao Dang Watershed Management
Le Tam Q Aviation
Leaf Paul M Jr Aviation
Leake Graydon Boyd Executive Offices
LeCounte Byron Rodney Corrections
Lee Johnny L Watershed Management
Lee Jun H Parks & Recreation
Lee Latonnia P Fire
Lee Linda Ann Public Works
Lee Paulette M. Finance
Lee Sylvia J Solicitor
Lee Terri M Planning and Community Development
LeMaster Dennis K Planning and Community Development
LeMay Catherine Anne Human Resources
LeMon Alicia D Aviation
Lemon Lynnette D Executive Offices
Lennon Janulyn Y Aviation
Leonard Jerrel A Planning and Community Development
Leonard, Jr Kenneth Edward Watershed Management
Leslie Anthony R Corrections
Lester Shannon Fire
Letang Tamaria D Planning and Community Development
Lewis Christopher E Watershed Management
Lewis Jonathan S Planning and Community Development
Lewis Kairi R Public Works
Lewis Kareemah Public Defender
Lewis Ray A Watershed Management
Lewis Toby V Human Resources
Lewis Winston Planning and Community Development
Lewis, Jr George L Watershed Management
Lewkowicz Paul R Parks & Recreation
Li Chao Aviation
Lightfoot Corey Public Works
Lindsey Aric D Police
Lindsey Derrick D Watershed Management
Link Barbara A Procurement
Lipkins Samuel D Executive Offices
Lipscomb Carla T Public Works
Lipscomb Max J Executive Offices
Lipsey Tammy WorkSource Atlanta
Lira Vanessa Rodrigues Planning and Community Development
Littles Jacques Watershed Management
Lloyd Katherine S Finance
Lloyd, II Johnny L Public Works
Lochard Tony S Finance
Lockett Georginna L Watershed Management
Lockett Joseph D Procurement
Lockett Robert C Fire
Lockhart Darryl A Solicitor
Lolar  Robin Marie Non-departmental
London Janelle Yvonne Human Resources
Long Carl E Watershed Management
Longino Lafawn D Fire
Lopez Norman Jr Public Works
Lorenzo Juliana Public Defender
Lorick Anderson Davis Executive Offices
Lott Catrese L Fire
Lott Kimberly Evet Public Works
Love Almitra P Police
Love Brian C Watershed Management
Love Camille R Executive Offices
Love Emily Pinson Parks & Recreation
Love-Brown Marsha A Aviation
Lowe Karen Executive Offices
Lucas Melanie Finance
Lucas Wanda M Planning and Community Development
Lung Robert R Parks & Recreation
Lunn Cynthia Watershed Management
Lunsford Billy Watershed Management
Lyles Jocelyn Javonne Police
Lynn Diana Coomes City Auditor's Office
Lynum Leslie Michelle Fire
Lyons Jenelle Naima Kirk Aviation
Lyons Marlo D Watershed Management
Mabon Sherida N Law 
Mabry Shaun A Procurement
Macrina Jo Ann J Watershed Management
Madali Lillie WorkSource Atlanta
Madden Schyuler T Public Works
Maddox Keith A Aviation
Maddox Oscar A Public Works
Madura Christopher L Aviation
Magee Jonathan Police
Magee Paula Rhyans Human Resources
Mahady William Michael Aviation
Mahfood Robert Aviation
Makison Eric A Planning and Community Development
Makoi Samia A Public Works
Malament Matthew James Executive Offices
Mallory Matthew Lemuel Watershed Management
Manns Shawn D Fire
Mansbach Jodi Lox Planning and Community Development
Markell Allen D Planning and Community Development
Marshall Briana Executive Offices
Marshall Charles F Aviation
Marshall Mizelle Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Marshall Patricia C City Council
Marshall Raynal A Public Works
Martin Barrington D Police
Martin Benjamin A Watershed Management
Martin Brandon Lewis Watershed Management
Martin Brannon Shane Watershed Management
Martin Clarence T Jr. City Council
Martin Fred Public Works
Martin Jerome Jr. Fire
Martin Omar D Watershed Management
Martin Randall L Public Works
Martin Raymond Lewis Watershed Management
Martin Shawn Corrections
Martin Torri T Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Martin Twana Executive Offices
Marzette Henry Frank Executive Offices
Mason Darrel M Fire
Mason Richard A Police
Massenburg Damon L City Council
Masters Kathryn Aviation
Mastin Robert K Aviation
Mathis Danny Watershed Management
Mathis Quiana L Watershed Management
Mathis, Sr Travis T Watershed Management
Matis Renee H Aviation
Matthews Darryl R. Procurement
Matthews Roy A Planning and Community Development
Maxey Torance Clayborn Police
Maxwell John D Aviation
Maya Naga Venkata S Public Works
Mayers Steve N Aviation
Mayweather Tommie Lee Public Works
Maziar Michelle Executive Offices
McCall Cynthia Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
McCalla Lakechia Latanya Police
McCarthney Milton Jameson Watershed Management
McClain Jermaine Finance
McClendon Reginald B Law 
McClinton Ron Lenard Police
McCommons-Johnson Patrice Police
McCoy Aodhan C Aviation
McCoy Fern A Aviation
McCoy Sitko Dominic Public Works
McCoy Stacy L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
McCracken Daniel Vernon Watershed Management
McCranie Reese A Aviation
McCrary Defunda S Public Works
McCrary Scandia M Police
McCrary-Blair Felleshia E Planning and Community Development
McCullough John Aviation
McCullough Tony B Public Works
McDaniel Allen D Corrections
McDaniel Marian Fire
McDivitt Scott Hutchinson Executive Offices
McDowell Richard T Aviation
McDuffie Dorian C Executive Offices
McElroy Marlon V Watershed Management
McGarity Jessime K Finance
McGee, III Bennie C Police
McGhee Robert Executive Offices
McGrady Jared Parks & Recreation
McIver Patricia E Finance
McKennon William L Public Works
McKie Curtis L Jr Watershed Management
McKinney, II Carlespie L Parks & Recreation
McKinstry Anita Anderson Watershed Management
McKnight Jeffery B Executive Offices
McKnight-Butler Kamula L Corrections
McKoy Tony A Public Works
McLane Andrea Executive Offices
McLaughlin Michelle L Fire
McLemore James Jr. Fire
McMichael Miltresa Carlene Public Defender
McNeil Larry Howard Watershed Management
McRay Marvin D Public Works
McReynolds Kim Jones Planning and Community Development
McShane Michael Patrick Law 
Meador Shane E Watershed Management
Means John J Aviation
Meggs Jenya Executive Offices
Melton Tim L Planning and Community Development
Mendoza Richard Public Works
Mengistu Misikir Shiferaw Public Works
Mercer Gladys Aviation
Merkerson Brian J Public Works
Merriman Deidre S Solicitor
Merriweather James I Jr Human Resources
Metcalf Marion J Aviation
Meyer Paul S Aviation
Middleton Megan S Executive Offices
Mikhail Nabil T Watershed Management
Milagro Aalaa Liza Aviation
Miles Jason M Aviation
Miller Christopher R. Solicitor
Miller Dave Andrew Jr Finance
Miller Jack Robert Watershed Management
Miller John Edward Police
Miller John S Watershed Management
Miller Joseph Charles Finance
Miller Mary A Planning and Community Development
Miller Norman L Fire
Miller, Jr James A Watershed Management
Milleret Farley G Police
Mills Bernice Procurement
Mills David D Watershed Management
Milsap Johnny A Public Works
Milton Rodney Michel Jr Planning and Community Development
Mirai Nariman Watershed Management
Miranda Patricia Executive Offices
Mitchell Angelica A Police
Mitchell Ceasar C City Council
Mitchell James E Watershed Management
Mitchell Kendale L Fire
Mitchell Leonard C Public Works
Mitchell Nicole Y Planning and Community Development
Mitchell Reginald A Police
Mitchell Tanya C Planning and Community Development
Mitchell Yvika Corrections
Mitchell, III Edward Terkeel Solicitor
Mitchell, Sr Anteus Marquan Watershed Management
Mobley Santonio Public Works
Mobley Walter Jr. Human Resources
Mobley, III Frank W Planning and Community Development
Mogilevsky Vlad A Watershed Management
Mogotsi Seipati Procurement
Money Robert Dennis Watershed Management
Montague Kevin Dwayne Watershed Management
Moore Carla S Human Resources
Moore Clyde V Public Works
Moore David Lawrence Watershed Management
Moore Felicia A City Council
Moore Grover Cleveland Watershed Management
Moore Jonathan D Watershed Management
Moore Jonie M. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Moore Kenya Jordan Human Resources
Moore Quentin Parks & Recreation
Moore Tarolyn Finance
Moore Vincent Police
Moorman Reginald L Police
Morales Steven L Watershed Management
Morgan Commodus Public Works
Morgan Darian Cornelius Watershed Management
Morgan Larry Jr Public Works
Mornay Kenneth Aviation
Morning Michael J Planning and Community Development
Morris Arthur J Corrections
Morrison Kieva Procurement
Morrison Krista A Procurement
Morrow Joe E Watershed Management
Mortensen Robert Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Morton Bruce K City Council
Morton Jibri Executive Offices
Mosley Daryl D Procurement
Mosley Tony Planning and Community Development
Moyo Jabulani Public Works
Muammar Samir Watershed Management
Muckle Terry Public Works
Muckle Tina Watershed Management
Muhammad Rahim S Planning and Community Development
Muhammad Rashad Abdul Watershed Management
Mukeshimana Francoise Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Mullinax Melissa J Executive Offices
Muma Dennis N Public Works
Munyengango Thierry Francois Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Murphy Celeste Michele Police
Murphy Douglas A Watershed Management
Murphy Nigel Parks & Recreation
Murray James S Watershed Management
Myers Edward C Aviation
Myers James D Police
Nagy Michael John Planning and Community Development
Naidu Murali K. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Nandula Basumathi D Watershed Management
Nantambu Kwesi A Public Works
Nash Claudie L Fire
Nash Seana A Procurement
Nation Barry M Aviation
Nduka Michael O Watershed Management
Neal Roxanne Lucinda Procurement
Nedelin Maryan A Watershed Management
Neely Safinia M Watershed Management
Neely Tameka J Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Negasi Iyda Watershed Management
Negussie Girma Public Works
Neil Shedrock Ronald Aviation
Nelson Brenda M Aviation
Nelson Kiera A WorkSource Atlanta
Nelson Kimberlyn R Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Nelson Venison Watershed Management
Nesbit James E Aviation
Nesbit Ryan M Aviation
Nesbitt Valerie S Aviation
Nevils Hazel D Watershed Management
Newell Ritchie D Solicitor
Newkirk Franklin Aviation
Newman Terri L Finance
Newton Bobby L Jr Aviation
Newton Shannon S Procurement
Nguyen Misa Finance
Nicholson Elizabeth L Watershed Management
Nissalke, II Thomas E Aviation
Nkhazi Trina Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Noble Amanda S City Auditor's Office
Nolan Ronald Neal Watershed Management
Norman Jeffrey B Law 
Northern Dana F Watershed Management
Norwood Mary City Council
Nottage Aldrian T Aviation
Nsemoh Patience N Watershed Management
Nunez-Lovera Juan C Aviation
Nwogu John I Aviation
Oberender David M Finance
Obierika Charles N Police
O'Connor Michael P Police
Ododa Sebastian Watershed Management
Odukoya Olusegun O Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Offodile Chike B Aviation
Ofor Adolphus O Public Works
Ogandaga DaNita S Watershed Management
Ogato Anthony N Watershed Management
Oghagbon Ehioruonamen Solomon Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Ogletree Craig J Watershed Management
Ogunsola Jennifer Aviation
Oguntoye Joseph Watershed Management
Ojemakinde Funminiyi A Watershed Management
Ojibe Brian Aviation
Okundaye Glory Planning and Community Development
Okunola Remi Watershed Management
Olaleye Phillip Adeniyi WorkSource Atlanta
Olalusi Kathleen A Watershed Management
Olasimbo Akeem D Solicitor
Oldacre Adonijah Public Works
Oliveira Ezio S Fire
Oliver James D Fire
Oliver Kenneth Connell Fire
Oliver Marnesha Althea Solicitor
Olteanu Cristian M Planning and Community Development
Omodare David C Planning and Community Development
Onwueme Udoka Victor Watershed Management
Orozco Gloria Isabel Municipal Court
Orsini Caledonia R Watershed Management
Orusa Casey C Aviation
Owen Stephen Planning and Community Development
Owens Andre Fire
Owens Julie Christine Watershed Management
Oyakhire Valerie O Aviation
Pace Gregory Planning and Community Development
Pace Marcus Coleman Watershed Management
Pace Theodis A City Council
Page Jeffrey D Watershed Management
Page Kevin L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Page Leslie H Procurement
Pagnotta-Murphy Gina M Public Works
Paige Elliott D Aviation
Palagiri Usha Kiran Aviation
Palmer Antonio G Watershed Management
Palmer Shantori Parks & Recreation
Pan Yong Public Works
Panthayi Harikrishnan Watershed Management
Parham Reginald Bernard Watershed Management
Parham Tammie M Police
Parker Charlene Finance
Parker Charlynn R Municipal Court
Parker Deontre' D Public Works
Parker Lorenzo A Human Resources
Parker Nia I Human Resources
Parker Richard T Watershed Management
Parker Scott V Watershed Management
Parker, Jr Monroe W Watershed Management
Parks DeAnthony A Solicitor
Parks Jerry L Public Works
Parks Lamar Jr. City Council
Parks Liling B Police
Parks Lisa J Parks & Recreation
Parks Pashanda L Public Works
Parks Quessie W Corrections
Parks Talecia Procurement
Parrish Christopher J Watershed Management
Parrott Kenneth L Watershed Management
Paschall Yolonda Corrections
Patrick Angela S Planning and Community Development
Patrick Bobby A Watershed Management
Patrick Kharlos D Public Works
Patrick Kimberly M Law 
Patterson Dondell R Public Defender
Patton Denisea Lynn Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Paul Maxine D Finance
Payne Damien Solicitor
Payne Devon C Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Payne Kenneth Edwin Watershed Management
Payne Kimberly Police
Payne Meghan A Executive Offices
Payne Theresa City Council
Payne, Jr Norman Lee Watershed Management
Peal, II James W Fire
Pearson William Alphonzo Jr. Fire
Peart Garfield L Executive Offices
Peart Shelley G Public Works
Pedraza Angela T Fire
Peek Kimbry L Watershed Management
Peek Timothy D Police
Pellum Annette Procurement
Perkins Taci R Human Resources
Perry Danita Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Perry Regina Dawn Procurement
Person Claude V Fire
Pessima Aiah E. Executive Offices
Peterkin Jeremie S Finance
Peters Edmund Xavier Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Peters Gloria J Planning and Community Development
Peters Jannquell Executive Offices
Peterson David M Watershed Management
Pettis Charles S Jr Aviation
Pfau Eighmy Lisa Renee Watershed Management
Phelps Marquis L Public Works
Phillips C Dennis Watershed Management
Phillips Charles N Parks & Recreation
Philpott Gary C Watershed Management
Phuong Amy H Parks & Recreation
Pickett Ashlee Nichole Municipal Court
Pickett ShiAundra D Fire
Pierre Lize C Executive Offices
Pike Mary M Human Resources
Pinan Alfonso Finance
Pines Anthony L. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Pines Erica Catriss Watershed Management
Pirzad Sarah Executive Offices
Pittman Ronald R Aviation
Ponder Vickey Shevette Watershed Management
Pope Rose M Procurement
Porter Alexandria Michele Planning and Community Development
Porter Jimmy M Executive Offices
Porter Joe L Watershed Management
Porter-White Andrea Finance
Portis Christopher Thornton Municipal Court
Posey Adrian Aviation
Posey Latia D Fire
Potla Swathi Finance
Potter Donovan D Law 
Potter Kiera D Solicitor
Powell Earl L Jr. Fire
Powell Kishia L Watershed Management
Powell Rodney Watershed Management
Powell-Keith Jacquelyn Solicitor
Powers Adi Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Powers Russell M Public Works
Prather Detric B Watershed Management
Pregge Mildred L Aviation
Prescott Brittany Solicitor
Presley Galon L Watershed Management
Pressley Joel Antoine Fire
Price Joan R Police
Price Kenneth Executive Offices
Price Victor L Public Works
Prickett Timothy W Planning and Community Development
Primus Kory Frederick Watershed Management
Prince Genet D Finance
Pritchett Amanda Corrections
Proctor Philip L Sr. Planning and Community Development
Prothro Monica D Executive Offices
Puckett Tamika Finance
Puckett, Jr. Hugh Lewis Watershed Management
Pulidindi Julia R City Council
Qualls Randi Jordyn City Auditor's Office
Quarles-Thomas Nicole Maria Public Works
Quigley John P Police
Quiller Timothy Police
Rabb Tiya T Aviation
Rackley Daphne C Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Radford, Jr James L Aviation
Raines Russell P Watershed Management
Rainwater Brian John Watershed Management
Rajdev Madhavi Finance
Ralph Wole Mwata Watershed Management
Ramage Stephanie F Watershed Management
Ramakrishna Aravind Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Ramseur Mitchell H. Planning and Community Development
Ramsey Noah Emmanuel Police
Randall Eugene Police
Randolph Carolyn Watershed Management
Rankins Kimberly M Public Works
Rashad Maiysha Rashida Law 
Rasmussen Daniel R Police
Ratchford John Human Resources
Rattler Michael Corrections
Ravoori Susmitha Finance
Ray Reginald M Public Works
Ray Walter W Parks & Recreation
Rayburn Jonathan C Watershed Management
Razdan Subash Watershed Management
Reagan Jeffrey Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Reasonover Julian Anthony Watershed Management
Rectenwald Kristen M Law 
Redding Gary K Watershed Management
Reddix Lacey E Watershed Management
Redmond Jason L Parks & Recreation
Redmond Quintessa S Police
Reed David L Public Works
Reed Erika Jones Watershed Management
Reed Joshua A Watershed Management
Reed Keith T Executive Offices
Reed Levonne Antoinette Planning and Community Development
Reed Marcel Solicitor
Reed Mohammed Kasim Executive Offices
Reed Shayla Latrice Planning and Community Development
Reese Samantha Marie Planning and Community Development
Rehklau Timothy Andrew Planning and Community Development
Reid Joel Kevin Watershed Management
Reid Rodney M Watershed Management
Reid Ronald D Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Reid, II Samuel Lee  Non-departmental
Reinhard John D Watershed Management
Rembert Gregory Public Works
Rembert, Jr Alfred J  Fire
Ressler David Anthony Police
Rethwilm Craig Richard Watershed Management
Reynolds Lynn M Solicitor
Rhein Jacob D Public Defender
Rhodes Andre M Watershed Management
Rhodes Veronica Finance
Rhodes (Nelson) Angela Y Police
Richardson Crystal Lynnette Human Resources
Richardson Lloyd Anthony Procurement
Richardson Marvin A Watershed Management
Richardson Michael A Police
Richardson Patrick C Executive Offices
Richardson Phillip Maurice Watershed Management
Richardson Thomas Aviation
Richardson William A Fire
Riding Donald S Public Works
Riley Frederick Police
Riley Glen Fire
Riley Jerry K Aviation
Riley-Creese Ramon K Public Works
Rios Maria Executive Offices
Rivera Miguel Aviation
Rivera Raphael Francisio Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Riviere Gary J Watershed Management
Roberson Edward Daveras Police
Roberts Elizabeth M Solicitor
Roberts John I Public Works
Roberts Kevin E Fire
Roberts Lee A Watershed Management
Roberts Steffan S Aviation
Robertson Anika L Aviation
Robertson Diallo Parks & Recreation
Robertson Sheena Non-departmental
Robinson Amber A Law 
Robinson Dedric Montroy Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Robinson Delisha L Finance
Robinson Ezra Fire
Robinson Gerald H Watershed Management
Robinson Isaac D Fire
Robinson Keith E. Executive Offices
Robinson Kindril M Planning and Community Development
Robinson Misty R Human Resources
Robinson Monica L Planning and Community Development
Robinson Raymond Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Robinson Rebecca S City Auditor's Office
Robinson Simeon Public Works
Robinson Thomasenia P Human Resources
Robinson Virginia R Law 
Robinson-Bond Felecia L Corrections
Rodriguez Elvin B Public Works
Rodriguez Juan C Planning and Community Development
Rodriguez Leakhena Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
RodriguezRosado Johanna C Executive Offices
Rogers Christopher Aviation
Rogers Clarence C Public Works
Rogers Andre S Fire
Roland Allison J Parks & Recreation
Rone John D Aviation
Rosas Luis E Aviation
Rose Erinn Evans Aviation
Rose Forrest Paul Planning and Community Development
Rose Wayne A Watershed Management
Rose-Elekwuma Monique Police
Ross Arlanda D Jr. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Ross Bradley J Watershed Management
Ross Michael Aviation
Ross Susan J Watershed Management
Rosser Carlyle Antoni Planning and Community Development
Rosser Oscar C Jr. Municipal Court
Rouse Merien M Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Rouse Whitman Police
Roussaw Spencer Parks & Recreation
Rousselle Louis A Watershed Management
Rowland Deangelo Marico Fire
Rowser Donnica A. Executive Offices
Roy, III James W Public Works
Rozier, III Arthur L Fire
Rubin Richard Allen Law 
Rucker Franklin Aviation
Rudick Jonathan D Police
Ruffin Dasheika M City Council
Ruiz-Craig Alnissa Executive Offices
Runnels Maria A Finance
Rushing Carrena Dorothy Procurement
Russell Jerri A Watershed Management
Russell Jessica Bresha Police
Russell Terida Corrections
Rutherford Susan L Watershed Management
Ryan John W Aviation
Sabbs Marcus Mandela Municipal Court
Sabou Daniel Watershed Management
Sabulis Thomas M Executive Offices
Sailor Edrich L Watershed Management
Saini Samir Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Saint-Vil Erick Watershed Management
Sakamaki Robert K Executive Offices
Salazar Jose S Parks & Recreation
Sanders Roy A Watershed Management
Sanders Tenique D Corrections
Sanders Tracey M Executive Offices
Santiago Carlos Rafael Non-departmental
Sanyang Alieu A Aviation
Sattler Mary T Aviation
Sawyer Phyllis R Police
Saxton Gary N Watershed Management
Scarlett Steven E Watershed Management
Schierbaum Darin B Police
Schorstein Alexander B Watershed Management
Schroeder Karen Melissa Watershed Management
Schroth Michael William City Auditor's Office
Schultz Mark E Public Works
Scineaux Sharisse A Executive Offices
Scott Arnita Watershed Management
Scott Ashley Nicole Law 
Scott Carlos J Procurement
Scott Cynthia D Watershed Management
Scott Evelyn M City Council
Scott Jean Lenbella Aviation
Scott Larry Executive Offices
Scott Trevis L Aviation
Scott Zenobia Jacqueline Cecelia Planning and Community Development
Scott, II Horace Public Works
Scruggs Donnie E Parks & Recreation
Scruggs Stephanie Corrections
Seals Denisha A Procurement
Sealy Alfredo S Fire
Searcy Avis C Watershed Management
Sederoff Kim Judith Human Resources
Sellers Cletina Marie Police
Sellers Cynthia D Finance
Semper Carol Christine Watershed Management
Sengova Jabu M Non-departmental
Serchion Willie G Watershed Management
Serda Bernd Watershed Management
Seufferlein James E Watershed Management
Shackleford Marna E Human Resources
Shah Priti Gore Parks & Recreation
Shahar Robin J Law 
Shands Alysia Renee Human Resources
Shareefy Said H Watershed Management
Shaw Adrienne Christina Watershed Management
Shaw Chez Elan Watershed Management
Shaw James B Police
Shaw Phillip R Watershed Management
Sheikh Abdul Rakheeb Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Shelhamer Michael J Watershed Management
Shelton Jeff S Watershed Management
Shepard Ryan Municipal Court
Sheperd Joyce M City Council
Shepherd Latisha Dorothy Planning and Community Development
Shepherd Marisha A Police
Shepherd Renee M Law 
Shepherd, III Willie M Aviation
Sheppard Jermaine B Parks & Recreation
Shields Carves A Aviation
Shields Erika Police
Shihata Wadie K Watershed Management
Shimabukuro Kimiyoshi T Planning and Community Development
Shipley, Jr Raymond Delane Watershed Management
Shook Charles H City Council
Shrestha Shristee Executive Offices
Shropshire Endora L Police
Shy Shareese M Police
Siclait Alexandra R Executive Offices
Silva Miguel A Parks & Recreation
Simbo Armstrong Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Simmons Atwua Martine Finance
Simmons Charles Winston Public Defender
Simmons Karen Butler WorkSource Atlanta
Simmons Louise Public Works
Simmons Michael D Fire
Simmons Timothy L Public Works
Simokaitis Jaunius Watershed Management
Simon Patricia A Human Resources
Sims Harry D Public Works
Sims Odell William Fire
Singleton Henry Jr Planning and Community Development
Singleton Verna D Public Works
Sipp Kevin Executive Offices
Sisco Cecil Public Works
Skinner Carolyn S Watershed Management
Skinner-Hurst Lachelle D Watershed Management
Skipper Pearley James Jr Planning and Community Development
Slade Jalal Executive Offices
Slatter Orential J Watershed Management
Slaughter Randall Fire
Slayton Teresa R Procurement
Sloan Herman L Municipal Court
Small Brenton Landrew Fire
Smalls Arthur Jr Procurement
Smalls Omari Akida Watershed Management
Small-Simon Camille Law 
Smiley Kenyata Denise Public Works
Smith Adam Clifford Watershed Management
Smith Adam L Procurement
Smith Allen Q Watershed Management
Smith Arthur George Public Works
Smith Benjamin R Planning and Community Development
Smith Bobby J Watershed Management
Smith Bruce S Public Works
Smith Carla A City Council
Smith Caroline Campbell Watershed Management
Smith Christian Solicitor
Smith Christopher S Aviation
Smith Collier R Watershed Management
Smith Courtney A Solicitor
Smith Cristopher L. Parks & Recreation
Smith Darrell Keith Watershed Management
Smith Derek L. Police
Smith Douglas M Watershed Management
Smith Erika D Solicitor
Smith Helen Planning and Community Development
Smith Howard Public Works
Smith Jacqueline D Police
Smith Joe D Aviation
Smith John W. Finance
Smith Lynn Aviation
Smith Mano Procurement
Smith Maya P Human Resources
Smith Michael L Aviation
Smith Michele L Watershed Management
Smith Myola M Non-departmental
Smith Neil A Public Works
Smith Petrina Finance
Smith Reggie L Watershed Management
Smith Remington Spencer D Executive Offices
Smith Roderick Marichal Fire
Smith Rovella S Planning and Community Development
Smith Sabrina Police
Smith Shennetha Planning and Community Development
Smith Stanley E Sr Planning and Community Development
Smith Stephanie L Human Resources
Smith Subriana A Human Resources
Smith Telleanna Starr Human Resources
Smith Theia J Executive Offices
Smith Thomas E Jr Planning and Community Development
Smith Torrey D Law 
Smith Wanda V Procurement
Smith Willie D Aviation
Smith Yhana Executive Offices
Smith Young Angelique Watershed Management
Smith, II Rudolph Watershed Management
Smith-Davids Karl P Planning and Community Development
Snead Jonavee Ledonious Planning and Community Development
Sneed Jatawn R Police
Sneed Stephanie Planning and Community Development
Sohrab Nader Finance
Solamon Gerald M (Jerry) Fire
Solomon Jocelyn Janene Watershed Management
Sotilleo AnneMarie V Police
Sotolongo Nicolas Aviation
Southwell Miguel A Aviation
Spear Derrick B Public Works
Spear Jennifer Marie Solicitor
Spearman-Gass Pacreasha D Watershed Management
Spears Sonya S Watershed Management
Spence Marie C. Procurement
Spencer Brian Keith Watershed Management
Spencer Gary Dwayne Watershed Management
Spencer Larry L Watershed Management
Spikes Chata Maria Police
Spiller Amber Marie Watershed Management
Spratley Rodney J Public Works
St Louis Karon Kathy- Ann Police
Stalling Andre Executive Offices
Stanciel Katie S Aviation
Stanley Anthony Procurement
Stanley Clarence D Watershed Management
Stanley Jarvis R Watershed Management
Stanley Marcus Fire
Stapleton Joseph Preston Police
Stapleton Nicole D Police
Starks Roy K Procurement
Starr Charlie L Planning and Community Development
Starr Jason D Parks & Recreation
Steed Sharonne A Police
Stephen Nina K Municipal Court
Stephens Calvin A Public Works
Stephens Godfrey R Public Works
Stephens Ola M Public Works
Stephens, Jr Raleigh E Public Works
Sterling Michael T WorkSource Atlanta
Sterling, sr Ronald A Public Works
Stevenson Joseph Milton Watershed Management
Stevenson Sandra Finance
Steward Marvin O Corrections
Stewart Bobby L Fire
Stewart Debbie Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Stewart Derek D Watershed Management
Stewart Dirk D Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Stewart Errika M Procurement
Stewart Felicia A Procurement
Stewart Mavis T Law 
Stewart Michael Parks & Recreation
Stimphil Cedric Thomas Human Resources
Stinson Cynthia R Planning and Community Development
Stocks Dwayne Public Works
Stovall Clyde Dean Aviation
Stovall Peter S Planning and Community Development
Strachan Desmond O'Brian Police
Strickland Tidarat Watershed Management
Stringer Roscell Vernard Watershed Management
Stroud Dennis L Finance
Stroud Shelly D Public Works
Styres Joe D Aviation
Sullivan Kathleen M Aviation
Sullivan Michael Drew Finance
Sullivan, Jr James H Executive Offices
Sumerlin Entre' R Watershed Management
Summerlin Gary W Aviation
Sutton Karen F Finance
Sutton LaRonda Executive Offices
Swan Yanique Lynnie Procurement
Sweatmon Lacrece L Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Swenson Bret Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Sylvester Calvin Law 
Sylvester Margaret Helen Watershed Management
Tai Mark A Public Works
Talabi Bashiru Watershed Management
Talbott Kirk Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Talley Daphne C Police
Tallon Kimberly Jannill Finance
Tanks Melvin C Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Tanner Jamilia N Aviation
Tapia John A Public Defender
Tapp Jaimi G Aviation
Tate Bryant D Fire
Tate John R Public Defender
Tate LaVern Ferdinand Procurement
Tatum Alma L Public Works
Taylor Andrew S Solicitor
Taylor Anne M. Finance
Taylor Beryl A Finance
Taylor Connie Finance
Taylor David E Watershed Management
Taylor George M Planning and Community Development
Taylor Ruthie Executive Offices
Taylor Stephen Myrick Watershed Management
Taylor, Jr Bruce Clayton Watershed Management
Taylor-Parks Evelyn K Executive Offices
Taylor-Waldon Audrey V City Council
Teasley Michael Watershed Management
Telfair Margie Shannon Procurement
Terrell Tony B Fire
Terry LaShawn W Law 
Terry Phillip Public Works
Terry Samantha N Parks & Recreation
Tesfamariam Saba Watershed Management
Testamark Nia I WorkSource Atlanta
Theney Randy O Aviation
Thomas Cheneeta Public Works
Thomas Cynthia M. Human Resources
Thomas Dwight A Parks & Recreation
Thomas Karen Gilpin Law 
Thomas Kenneth Planning and Community Development
Thomas Morgan L Solicitor
Thomas Nipsy T Fire
Thomas Ronald A. Police
Thomas Stephanie Police
Thomas Sterling C Watershed Management
Thomas Steve Dion Watershed Management
Thomas Terell Public Defender
Thomas Torrone C Fire
Thomas Tracie A Watershed Management
Thomas Vanessa F Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Thomas Vincent A Watershed Management
Thomas, III Arthur John Fire
Thomas, Jr Anderson S Watershed Management
Thompson Alicia F Finance
Thompson Colin Planning and Community Development
Thompson Richard M Planning and Community Development
Thompson Ronald Anthony Watershed Management
Thompson Sandra L Solicitor
Thompson Yolanda Y Public Works
Thomson Robert Kinross Watershed Management
Thornton Dexter Public Works
Thornton Jarrell L Watershed Management
Thornton Willie R Aviation
Thurman Juanita Y Public Defender
Tidwell Michael J Public Works
Tinglin Al-Nisa K Planning and Community Development
Tipton Fredrick Levi Watershed Management
Toatong Tanita Aviation
Toca, Jr Frederick M Public Works
Todman Mitchell P Aviation
Tolbert Anthony S Fire
Tolbert Johnny Watershed Management
Toles Charles E Watershed Management
Toliver Anthony L Aviation
Tolleson Darryl K Police
Tomlinson Joyce M Aviation
Toms Tommy L Watershed Management
Toney Cedric A Watershed Management
Toomer Keith A Watershed Management
Toorie Gairy Finance
Torres Anne Executive Offices
Townsend Bernadette Public Works
Tran Phan Aviation
Tran Thach Nhat Watershed Management
Travis Marnita Corrections
Treadwell Cheryl R Law 
Trentel Maurice M. Procurement
Troutman Debra D Watershed Management
Tucciarone Leonard William Watershed Management
Tuck Melba E Public Works
Tucker Stanley J Police
Turner George N Police
Turner Kelsey O Police
Turner Melvin C Watershed Management
Turner Paula D Procurement
Turner Royce L Fire
Turner Sloan Shari Municipal Court
Turner William Mark Watershed Management
Turner Willie E Watershed Management
Turner, Jr Emmitt Watershed Management
Turner, Jr Sherman Watershed Management
Turner, Sr Leonadre Alexander Watershed Management
Turnipseed Howard E Aviation
Tursich Mark C Police
Tyler Dieshunn Watershed Management
Tyner Yolanda Planning and Community Development
Ude Sheryl Monique Executive Offices
Uhegbu Chinazor T Watershed Management
Upshaw Mary Louise Watershed Management
Ushery Anthony J Fire
Ussery Marty A Planning and Community Development
Uzoka Uchenna Mary-Anne Solicitor
Van Prooyen Chaim H Aviation
Vickers Jacqueline Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Vickers Kenneth Tyrone Watershed Management
Villaroel David Police
Vincent Janet Rose Police
Vinson, II Walter M Aviation
Vogt David C Aviation
Vorel Katie Hannah Watershed Management
Voss Douglas Parks & Recreation
Waddington John D Watershed Management
Wade Branden L Planning and Community Development
Wade Kimberly F Aviation
Wadley Evrick R Watershed Management
Walbrook Karl P D Procurement
Walker Alexzandria Jade Solicitor
Walker Candace Nicole Police
Walker Christopher G Law 
Walker Coia D City Auditor's Office
Walker Cristi Chionne Watershed Management
Walker Grady Watershed Management
Walker Jessica D Watershed Management
Walker Jonathan B Watershed Management
Walker Joya L Watershed Management
Walker Lakeisha L Parks & Recreation
Walker Tamika J Police
Walker William Jr. Parks & Recreation
Walter Andrew J Public Works
Walters Samanta A Aviation
Walton George A. Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Wan Alexander S City Council
Wansker William R Solicitor
Warbington Leonard J Watershed Management
Ward Christopher Evan Municipal Court
Ward Janet L Fire
Ward Leslie E City Auditor's Office
Ware Kevin L Fire
Ware Tonya L Parks & Recreation
Ware, Jr William Michael Watershed Management
Warner Harland C Aviation
Warren Billy Jr. Executive Offices
Warren Raymond J Police
Warren Stephen J Public Works
Warren Tshaka T Planning and Community Development
Washington David L Aviation
Washington Dinah D Corrections
Washington Irvin Public Works
Washington Kenneth Ray Watershed Management
Washington Patricia M Procurement
Washington Ryan Planning and Community Development
Washington Shemia Solicitor
Washington Toya L Finance
Waterman Patrice N Procurement
Watkins Carlton L Watershed Management
Watkins Jason Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Watkins Jill E. Procurement
Watkins Perceta Executive Offices
Watley Gregory T Public Works
Watson Christopher David Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Watson Mildred A Human Resources
Watson Tiphanie P Executive Offices
Watson, Jr. Joseph W Jr Fire
Watson-Brown Delois K Police
Watts Anthony B Watershed Management
Watts Artis Public Works
Watts Calvin L Public Works
Watts Lauren M Aviation
Watts Sabrina D Watershed Management
Weatherspoon Don Sterlen Watershed Management
Webb Antonio D Fire
Webb Danny F Watershed Management
Webb Joyce N Procurement
Webb Richard L Watershed Management
Webb, III Foris City Council
Weber Judith A Executive Offices
Weber Tara A Police
Weekes Adhiambo J Police
Wellman Wanda Y Solicitor
Wells Aaron Thayer Finance
Wells Anthony C Aviation
Wells Debbie S Finance
Wells Paul R Planning and Community Development
Wells Wandell Mark Aviation
Wessels Christopher H Fire
Wesson Cloresea G Watershed Management
West Charles C Watershed Management
West Chiquetta R Aviation
West Timothy P Watershed Management
Wheatley Natalie A Executive Offices
Wheeler Dante Public Works
Whitaker Keith Watershed Management
White Amber E Aviation
White Katrina Watershed Management
White Meisha B Finance
White Michelle C Municipal Court
White Myrna M Aviation
White Reginald A Public Works
White Ricky H Public Works
White Ronnie Lee Police
White Tai Law 
White Valencia P Human Resources
Whitehead Robert Public Works
Whittaker Lorn L Aviation
Wideman Demetria Desiree Aviation
Wiener Aaron Lee Parks & Recreation
Wiggins Cayward L Police
Wiggins Deshanna Municipal Court
Wiley Ariel R Finance
Wilke Raymond Joseph Watershed Management
Wilken Steven E Aviation
Wilkins David B Watershed Management
Wilks Kirk A Aviation
Williams Alisha D Executive Offices
Williams Anita D Aviation
Williams Ashley S Executive Offices
Williams Booker T Jr. Aviation
Williams Brian Jerrod Executive Offices
Williams Dana N. Finance
Williams Dean N Watershed Management
Williams Deanna Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Williams Donald Edward Watershed Management
Williams Edward Fire
Williams Edwin J Watershed Management
Williams Freddie L Watershed Management
Williams Gerald Lynwood Watershed Management
Williams Homer C Public Works
Williams Ina A Parks & Recreation
Williams Ivy Victoria S City Auditor's Office
Williams Janine Kelly Human Resources
Williams Jonathan Sr Finance
Williams Kenneth Moses Watershed Management
Williams Kenneth R Sr Aviation
Williams Larry E Executive Offices
Williams Laura A Law 
Williams Michael B Watershed Management
Williams Randy B Public Works
Williams Robert L Watershed Management
Williams Ryan Christopher Solicitor
Williams Samuel B Watershed Management
Williams Tangela M City Council
Williams Travis Bernard Watershed Management
Williams Valencia R Watershed Management
Williams Vance Corrections
Williams Vence L. Executive Offices
Williams Victor G Executive Offices
Williams Wanda L Planning and Community Development
Williams Yvonne Yolanda Watershed Management
Williams Zakaiyah Naeem Procurement
Williams-Gonzales Annette L Aviation
Willingham Walter E Executive Offices
Willis Annie W Procurement
Willis Nakisha N'Koya Watershed Management
Willis Richard Finance
Willis Wanda L Aviation
Wilson Ava Maria Watershed Management
Wilson Bradford L Watershed Management
Wilson James D Watershed Management
Wilson Jesse Jr. Procurement
Wilson Kristee Michele Police
Wilson Kristin C Executive Offices
Wilson Lisa F Human Resources
Wilson Sabu M Public Works
Wilson Shawanda J Watershed Management
Wilson Tahira R Parks & Recreation
Wilson Tonya L Watershed Management
Wimberly Kanzada Nicole Police
Wimbish Sonia Parks & Recreation
Wimes Rhonda Atlanta Information Management (AIM)
Winecoff Kelly Watershed Management
Winfield Felecia D Finance
Winfrey Michael D Fire
Winrow Valerie L Public Works
Winslow Cleta M City Council
Winters David A Watershed Management
Wiseman Michelle L Executive Offices
Witherspoon Robert T Executive Offices
Wojohn Shelli A Solicitor
Wollor Eloise Y Aviation
Wood, Jr Augustus C Watershed Management
Woodall Patrick L Watershed Management
Woodard Jerome D Aviation
Woodard Michael Public Works
Woodruff Taylor A Executive Offices
Woods Laurette T. Finance
Woods Michael J Watershed Management
Woods Mimie Lashall Procurement
Woods Tracey D Public Works
Woodworth Steven P Fire
Woodyard Dalton' Cheyanne Jade Executive Offices
Worrell George Watershed Management
Wray Vonda Arnetta Watershed Management
Wright Aaron James Watershed Management
Wright Adrienne S Parks & Recreation
Wright Douglas A Watershed Management
Wright Jerome Fire
Wright Jonathan Dontavious Public Works
Wright Kayauna Police
Wright Kelvin Darnell Law 
Wright Kenneth E Aviation
Wright, Jr James E Watershed Management
Wrobel Kamila Watershed Management
Wyatt Horace N Municipal Court
Wyatt Kareem J Watershed Management
Wyatt-Bullman Alisha I Law 
Wynn Michele Public Works
Yamin Khalid Watershed Management
Yancy Yvonne C Human Resources
Yassin Sherif S Aviation
Yeargin Charles Michael Executive Offices
Yombe Gabriel B Watershed Management
Yondo Herve Charles Watershed Management
Young Brenda J Watershed Management
Young Christopher M Watershed Management
Young Douglas H Planning and Community Development
Young Ivory L Jr City Council
Young Josephus Jr Watershed Management
Young Nia DaFina City Auditor's Office
Zadok Yuwshua Planning and Community Development
Zaparanick David M Planning and Community Development
Zaremba Amy Executive Offices
Zeigler Denise A Finance
Zewu Attipoe Joshua W Watershed Management
Zhang Jianrong Watershed Management

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